Fifa world cup 2018 Sochi

Sochi (city area: 176.77 km ².) - a city in Russia, that is located on the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, at a distance of 1,700 km from Moscow. The population of the city is 429,070 people in 2018. It is the largest resort city of Russia, an important transport hub, as well as a major economic and cultural center of the Black Sea coast of Russia. Unofficially it is also called the summer, southern and resort "capital" of Russia. Sochi is the longest city in Russia and the second longest city in the world after Mexico City, the length of which is 200 km, and Sochi - 146 km.

Sochi is also a major transportation hub in the South of Russia. The city serves Sochi International Airport, seven railway stations and many railway platforms for stopping electric trains

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