Travel agency

Additional profit for your travel business

with International SIM card, essential to everyone, who travels abroad

The airBalticcard Mobile SIM, providing free-of-charge and low-cost roaming phone calls
for travellers abroad, has been available to passengers on board airBaltic flights since 2006.

We invite travel agencies to establish a partnership, and include into travel packages travel
airBalticcard Mobile SIM or international SIM card with your brand having following advantages:


Free incoming calls
Unlike other mobile operators airBalticCard Mobile
does not charge for incoming calls
in 140 countries

Free call forwarding
Call forwarding from airBalticCard Mobile
to any numbers in 140 countries
of the world is free of charge

No subscription fees
airBalticCard Mobile requires
no registration or any
other regular payments

Low cost outgoing calls
Cheap rates for outgoing calls
in roaming outside the borders
of your country and in your homeland

Free SMS from the Web
Ability to send free SMS from the
website to any user
of airBalticCard Mobile

Free calls from Skype & Viber
To airBalticCard Mobile numbers
are possible under certain
configurations of your SIM card

„Find me” service
Will allow finding the location
of the airBalticCard Mobile user in any place
during any time of the day

Corporate account
A hub where you can manage
all of the company SIM cards,
with detailed reports

Online reports
Show the history of recharges,
incoming and outgoing calls,
SMS and Internet expenses

"Within network" rate
airBalticCard Mobile allows it users
to call each other in 140 free countries
for only 0.19 €/min

"Internet Planet" package
Starting from 0.075€/1Mb allows saving
on expenses on mobile Internet
in more than 50 countries

Personal assistant
24/7 airBalticCard Mobile will answer
to your question during 365 days a year
on 90 languages

Choose your own number (CLI)
Allows select caller's number
to be displayed in any format
on the screen of the recipent's phone

SIM validity
SIM card is valid for unlimited time
and during two years
since last active action


Benefits for travel agencies:

 Additional income of up to 70% from SIM card sales and balance recharge by your customers

  •  Increase in existing and future customers’ loyalty
  •  Improvement of uniqueness of your company, that saves your customers money while roaming
  •  Customer Support service
  •  Automatic SMS notification to customers entering foreign country about your company
         (i.e. unified customer service phone number of the travel agency in the country of location
         to order excursions or any other information)
  •  Ability to send free SMS messages to your customers
  •  Free calls to your travel agency for your customers from any part of the world
  •  Recharge SIM card balance from any part of the world using credit card
  •  Ability to determine the location of your customer in any place any time of the day
  •  And many other services...


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