Calls to Skype

In order airBalticCard Mobile user could call their contact on Skype, the contact in the form below has to attach Skype login to their phone number.

This attachment can be completed only in airBalticCard Mobile system and in no way is influencing how the Skype works, neither it influences you contact’s mobile phone.

After entering Skype login and phone number by clicking „Continue”, your contact will receive SMS with a confirmation code to complete registration.

Example how to call after successful registration
Contacts number attached to Skype ID is +49 171 12345678
airBalticcard Mobile user dials 8004917112345678

The duration of such call to Skype by the price of one outgoing minute
in a country of location is limited by 15 minutes, meaning you can communication 15 times cheaper.
In order to continue conversation it is required to call again.

For successful call you contact has to have installed Skype with „online” status.
Skype settings have to allow accepting calls from all users.
(Settings > Calls > mark „Accept all calls”)

Phone number to Skype login attachment form