Become a global distributor of International SIM
as a white label solution and start selling
“Your Brand” International SIM

Include "Your Brand" International SIM card to your already existing offer or launch a new project as successful start-up and receive income from "Your Brand" International SIM card sales up to 150% and permanent commission from customer top-ups up to 40%.

You will be provided with

International SIM card customer website in English with your brand name 
International SIM card with UK numbering plan website in English with your brand name
Administration panel for International SIM card management
Professional technical support 24 hours / 365 days – at your disposal
International SIM card shows your brand name as network operator on the customer phone display
International SIM is compatible with any gadget such as mobile phone or a tablet 
International SIM which works in 200 countries
International SIM with low roaming rates within “Your Brand” International SIM network in 140 countries
International SIM with low mobile internet rates in roaming

Offer “Your Brand” International SIM

To anyone travelling abroad
To enterprises – they are will to decrease high roaming expenses for their employees travelling abroad
To individuals who work abroad – they are willing to stay in touch with their relatives and friends
To retailers, currency exchanges kiosks, VAT return places and SIM card shops
To travel agencies – they can sell “Your Brand” international SIM to their customers
To retail merchants in airports, railway stations and many other places

“Your Brand” international SIM

is standart SIM card with a seamless service through mobile callback. International phone numbers are dialled as usual and are followed up by immidiate callback and connection with a dialled number.
We are working exclusively through TDM lines of our interconnection partners and by this we can provide your customers 90% roaming savings when compared to your customers' mobile operators` voice communication
and mobile Internet rates in more than 200 countries.

Some interesting features of "Your Brand" International SIM

Free incoming calls
Unlike other mobile operators 
"Your Brand" SIM does not charge
for incoming calls in 150 countries

Free call forwarding
Call forwarding from "Your Brand" SIM
to any numbers in 150 countries
of the world is free of charge

No subscription fees
"Your Brand" SIM requires
no registration or any
other regular payments

Low cost outgoing calls
Cheap rates for outgoing calls
in roaming outside the borders
of your country and in your homeland

Free SMS from the Web
Ability to send free SMS from
the "Your Brand" SIM website
to any user of "Your Brand" SIM

Free calls from Skype & Viber
To "Your Brand" SIM numbers
are possible under certain
configurations of your SIM card

„Find me” service
Will allow finding the location of the
"Your Brand" SIM user in any place
during any time of the day

Corporate account
A hub where your customer manage
all of the company SIM cards,
with detailed reports

Online reports
Show the history of recharges,
incoming and outgoing calls,
SMS and Internet expenses

"Direct call" rate
"Your Brand" SIM allows users
to be reached from the website
for only 0.08 €/min in 150 countries

"Internet Planet" package
Starting from 0.005 € for 1 MB allows 
saving on expenses on mobile 3G and
4G Internet access in more than 140 countries

Personal assistant
24/7 "Your Brand" SIM will
answer customer question 365 days
a year in 90 languages

Choose your own number (CLI)
Allows select caller's number
to be displayed in any format
on the screen of the recipent's phone

SIM validity
SIM card is valid for unlimited
time and for two years
since last active action

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information +44 7700 318 318 or request more information