SIM card U.S. Virgin Islands

airBalticcard mobile ensures global Internet access, communications, SMS and is designed for international travels around the world and will be very useful during your trip to U.S. Virgin Islands, because it was especially made for iPad, tablets, computers and local hotspots.


Are you going to U.S. Virgin Islands and are looking for U.S. Virgin Islands SIM card, in order to use it in U.S. Virgin Islands? Of course you are able to use your domestic SIM card, then you will have two pay several times more, because using a foreign SIM card abroad costs more expensive then roaming itself. You can also purchase a SIM card in U.S. Virgin Islands: AT&T, Choice Wireless.


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But in this case in two or three months U.S. Virgin Islands SIM cards will stop working, and will be difficult to recharge, and in other countries you will have to purchase new local SIM cards. By purchasing airBalticcard Mobile you will be able free enjoy such sight in U.S. Virgin Islands as:


  • Coral World Ocean Park
  • Magens Bay
  • Trunk Bay
  • Premier beach & underwater snorkel trail
  • Blackbeard's Castle
  • Hassel Island, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Hawksnest Beach
  • Fort Christian
  • Christiansted National Historic Site
  • Annaberg Sugar Plantation
  • Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • St. Thomas Synagogue
  • Cruz Bay Visitor Center
  • Caneel Bay Beach
  • Salt Pond Beach
  • Lind Point Trail
  • Cinnamon Bay Plantation
  • Hans Lollik Island
  • Thatch Cay, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Paradise Point Tramway
  • Mahogany Run Golf Course
  • Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve
  • Coki Beach
  • Buck Island Reef National Monument
  • Honeymoon Beach
  • Water Island, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline St. Thomas
  • Lindquist Beach
  • Coki Point Beach
  • Cinnamon Bay
  • Estate St. Peter Greathouse & Botanical Gardens
  • Botanical garden, garden
  • St. George Village Botanical Garden
  • Drake's Seat
  • Point Udall
  • Emancipation Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Chocolate Hole
  • 99 Steps
  • Gibney Beach
  • Cowpet Bay
  • Lindbergh Bay Beach
  • Ft. Frederik of US Virgin Islands
  • Denis Bay
  • St Thomas Historical Trust Museum
  • Coconut Coast Studios
  • Fort Christiansvaern
  • Frank Bay
  • Magens Bay Arboretum


International SIM card for calls, SMS and data in U.S. Virgin Islands


airBalticcard Mobile is a convenient tourist Pre-paid SIM card without monthly payments or any other additional fees,  where customers pay only for actual usage (Pay as you go SIM). You will pay only for what you need and will never receive such surprises as roaming bills. More information about airBalticcard services can be found here. International SIM Card (3 in 1 NANO, micro and standard) can be purchased already starting from 10€ with free delivery worldwide.


In real time you will be able to track your balance, manage services and other things in your personal account. airBalticcard mobile customers can recharge their SIMs by credit cards and also are able to activate the automatic recharging, which means, if amount on your account is getting lower, the system will deduct a fixed amount from customers’ credit card automatically to recharge an account.


You only need an unlocked GSM smartphone, insert international SIM card and you will immediately be able to use it.
Registration and activation are not required.


Compare roaming prices in U.S. Virgin Islands  of your operator with the low airBalticcard Mobile rates.


Rate calculator for airBalticcard Mobile services if you are in U.S. Virgin Islands

I'm calling from

U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin Islands

I'm calling to

United StatesUnited States

airBalticcard Mobile rates for usage in

Regular payments, connection fees or any other additional expenses
Incoming calls to airBalticcard Mobile
€ / Min.
Outgoing calls from to each number in *
€ / Min.
Calls from airBalticcard Mobile to airBalticcard Mobile
€ / Min.
Check voicemail by phone
€ / Min.
Check voicemail through your personal account
0.00 € / Min.
Call to Personal assistant service +372 991
€ / Min.
Call forwarding to each number in
€ / Min.
SMS From airBalticcard Mobile section (in the menu of the phone)
€ / SMS
Incoming SMS on airBalticcard Mobile
0.00 € / SMS
Free SMS from site to airBalticcard Mobile
€ / SMS

Highspeed Internet in

* airBalticcard Mobile users can call within EU to fixed and mobile numbers only for a minute flat rate of 0.15 €/Min.

Our International SIM services if you are in U.S. Virgin Islands

Mobile Internet in U.S. Virgin Islands from €/1MB
Free incoming calls in U.S. Virgin Islands
Low cost outgoing calls
No subscription, connection or additional fees
Free call-forwarding
Calls to Skype from 0.00 €/Min.
Free calls from Viber & Skype
No registration and documents required
More information about services you can find here