Cheap roaming in Antigua and Barbuda

Tired of spending money on roaming fees? Going to Antigua and Barbuda? Are you looking for a low cost mobile communications and Internet access during your trip to Shirley Heights, St John's, Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, D-Boat Antigua, Stingray City, Antigua Cruise Port, Nelson's Dockyard National Park, English Harbour or Cades Reef? You do not want to be shocked when you come back home and see your huge roaming bill? The Antigua and Barbuda Prepaid SIM Card is the most convenient and economical solution for staying in touch.


Well, of course you can purchase one of Flow, Digicel or Apua SIM cards. This also is a solution, but not as elegant. In three months the SIM card purchased in Antigua and Barbuda (if not recharged and actively used) will stop working, and if you will have to travel to Puerto-Rico or Dominican Republic, for example, then you will have to purchase local Puerto-Rican SIM card or Dominican SIM card and add to this complete mess with local rates, various currencies and balance recharge itself.


However, already from 2006 on board of airBaltic airlines, passengers are offered airBalticcard Mobile International SIM – mobile travelling SIM card for low-cost highspeed internet, free and low cost calls abroad in roaming. airBalticcard Mobile prepaid SIM card works in 225 countries, will delivered in three sizes: standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM, requires no monthly fees, allows making significant savings on international mobile phone calls in roaming and has no expiration date if being used at least once every two years to call or send SMS.


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International SIM card and balance validity more than 2 years from the last outgoing call or SMS, no monthly fees, connection fees or any other charges, you pay only for the calls.

This is your companion in all your trips, upon returning home you can divert incoming calls to airBalticcard Mobile to your local mobile or fixed line free of charge.


airBalticcard Mobile SIM card already starting from 10.00 EUR free delivery worldwide


airBalticcard Mobile SIM card is an ideal solution for iPad, tablet PC, notebooks and hotspots across the globe. 


With airBalticcard Mobile you can call from Antigua and Barbuda to the world already starting from 0.02 €/min, access Internet starting from 0,0475 €/MB, receive free incoming calls and many other features, which can be found here.

Mobilais internets 4G/LTE
Tarifi zvaniem
Mobilā interneta tarifi valstī  

International SIM benifits in Antigua and Barbuda

Free incoming calls in Antigua and Barbuda
Low cost outgoing calls
No subscription, no connection fees
Free call-forwarding
Free calls from Viber & Skype
No registration and documents required
More information about services you can find here