airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Hungary

airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Hungary
Incoming call
0.00 €/Min
Connection fee or other fees
0.00 €/Min
Calls worldwide starting from
0.15 €/Min
airBalticcard to airBalticcard from Hungary
0.19 €/Min
SMS worldwide
0.06 €/SMS
Highspeed Mobile Internet per 1MB starting from
0.04 €/MB

mobile roaming in Hungary
When you are abroad and you are using the services of your domestic mobile communications operator you have to deal with high rates on mobile roaming. For cheap and effective roaming communications in Hungary we advise using international SIM card, AirBalticCard Mobile, which allows making and receiving calls abroad up to 90% less expensive when compared to the rates of your domestic carrier.

airBalticcard Mobile data roaming in Hungary not only provide you with the opportunity to use low cost Internet abroad, but also protect you from unexpected expenses.

Roaming in Hungary

Under the definition of roaming one can consider the use of mobile communications abroad, outside of the network coverage area of of local operator. When you use roaming, your mobile phone automatically connects to a foreign network. As a rule roaming rates are much higher than domestic rates. Especially expensive is the use of the mobile Internet. Therefore before you start sending and receiving data abroad, it is strongly advised to find out what are the roaming rates offered by you carrier abroad.

Network types – 4G (GSM)/ 3G

4G format

4G format or simply GSM is most used format, and is a standard for all types of phones, with the exception of CDMA in the United States. Majority of mobile phones support up to four frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

4G operator in Hungary
• T-Mobile
• Telenoi
• Vodafone

4G format

There are several companies, which operate in 4G networks in Hungary. 4G frequencies are usually recognized as UMTS/HSDPA or WCDMA.

4G operators in Hungary
• T-Mobile
• Telenoi
• Vodafone


Capital: Budapest
Area: 93,
Population: 9,982,000 ppl.
Languages: Hungarian
Currency: Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Time zone: UTC+1
Phone code: +36

Hungary is a state located in Central part of Europe. Hungary shares its borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The country was named by the name of the tribe which lived there – Hungarians. The capital of the state and the largest city is Budapest. Total area of the country is 93, and the population is 9 982 000 people. The country became a member of United Nations in 1955, joined the GATT organization in 1973, and joined the IMF and the World Bank in 1982 and the Council of Europe in 1991. From 1999 Hungary is a full member of NATO. In 2004 Hungary became a member of European UNI0N along with several Eastern European countries. Starting from 1 of January 2011 Hungary was a chairman in European UNI0N during six months.

Hungary is divided into 19 counties and a city of republican subordination equated to a county – Budapest. 

Legislative power in Hungary belongs to the Parliament. President is elected every 5 years. President in Hungary has mainly a ceremonial role, but he is the commander of the armed forces, and appoints the prime minister, which is elected by the majority of members of parliament.