High Speed Mobile Internet

A smartphone is an essential companion in the modern world, and along with the airBalticcard Mobile, now you can easily and rapidly access High Speed Mobile Internet in more than 200 countries around the globe.

In most cases Internet access is established automatically. In case if Internet connection due to any reason was not established
(phone model or mobile network characteristics of any particular country), then you may configure Internet settings manually.

Automatic configuration of High Speed Mobile Internet setting on your phone

Dial the combination of buttons on your phone: *#06# On the display of your phone will appear IMEI (serial number)of your phone

  • What is IMEI?

    Dial *#06# on your phone.
    The IMEI (serial number) of your phone will appear on the screen.

  • Manual settings

    If your phone does not support automatic GPRS settings, enter the settings manually in accordance with the instructions for your phone: 

    APN (Point of access): send.ee
    Username: number of your airBalticcard Mobile (3725XXXXXXX)
    Password: no password (leave empty)