airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Argentina

airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Argentina
Incoming call
0.00 €/Min
Connection fee or other fees
0.00 €/Min
Calls worldwide starting from
0.65 €/Min
airBalticcard to airBalticcard from Argentina
0.19 €/Min
SMS worldwide
0.06 €/SMS
Highspeed Mobile Internet per 1MB starting from
0.0158 €/MB

Roaming in Argentina
Do you know that when you are using roaming services of your local mobile operator abroad you have to cope with expensive rates, leading to high mobile communication bills? For mobile roaming in Argentina we recommend using AirBalticCard Mobile, because incoming calls and outgoing calls from it are up to 90% less expensive comparing to your domestic operator.

Roaming in Argentina

While you are using roaming, you do not have to worry about the country you are currently visiting, because your caller ID remains the same, but in this case your mobile operator has to have some agreements with mobile operators of the countries you are visiting. As a rule roaming services are more expensive than local calls, therefore one has to find what are the roaming rates in the country one going to visit.

Netwrork Type – 2G(GSM)/3G

2G format also known as GSM is a standard for all types of phones (except CDMA in USA). Most phones support up to four frequencies: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz
2G operators in Argentina

• Movistar
• Claro
• Personal
There are several networks operating in 3G format in Argentina. 3G networks are usually marked as UMTS/HSDPA or WCDMA
3G operators in Argentina
• Movistar
• Claro
• Personal


Capital: Buenos Aires
Area: 2 766 890
Population: 40 091 359 ppl.
Language: Spanish
Currency: Argentinean peso (ARS)
Time zone: UTC-3
Phone code: +54

Argentina is officially called Republic of Argentina (República Argentina). It is the second largest territory in Southern America, as well as third most populated country in South America. Argentina is located in the south-eastern part of the continent of South America, on the East side of the island of Tierra del Fuego and the nearby islands of Staten.

Argentina shares borders with the following countries: Chile (West), Bolivia and Paraguay (North), Brazil and Uruguay (North-East). The eastern part of the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of population Argentina occupies the 3rd place in South America and 33 in the world. Argentina is a member of the United Nations organization, the IMF and OAS. Since 1853, Argentina's current power is divided between the legislative, judicial and executive, both at the state and local levels. Argentina is a federal republic, which is divided into 23 provinces and one Federal Capital Territory. The head of state is the president, who is elected for four years. Parliament elections are held every 2 years.