airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Japan

airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Japan
Incoming call
0.00 €/Min
Connection fee or other fees
0.00 €/Min
Calls worldwide starting from
0.39 €/Min
airBalticcard to airBalticcard from Japan
0.19 €/Min
SMS worldwide
0.06 €/SMS
Highspeed Mobile Internet per 1MB starting from
N/A €/MB

Do you know that you have to deal with high roaming rates every time you are abroad using the services of your domestic mobile operator? For mobile roaming in Japan we recommend buying international SIM card airBalticcard Mobile, which allows to make and receive calls at up to 90% better rated in comparison to you current mobile operator.
Roaming in Japan

Roaming service becomes active the moment you leave your country of residence and with it your mobile operator’s network coverage area. In this case your mobile phone automatically connects to another, foreign, mobile operator, who in their turn provides mobile services to you. Despite the fact that you are already using the services of another mobile operator, monthly bill for mobile services you will receive from your domestic mobile operator, because you did not change your caller ID. International mobile roaming requires your domestic mobile operator to have contract with foreign mobile operators.

Network Types – 2G(GSM) / 3G

2G format, is mostly known as GSM, which is a standard type for all phones (with the exception of CDMA in USA). Most phone support up to 4 frequencies: 850 Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800 Mhz and 1900 Mhz
2G operators in Japan

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3G Format

There are several networks operating in 3G format in Japan. 3G frequencies can be usually recognized as UMTS/HSDPA or WCDMA.

3G operators in Japan

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Capital: Tokyo
Area: 377 944
Population: 126 400 000 ppl.
Language: Japanese
Currency: YEN (JPY)|
Time zone: UTC+9
Phone code: +81

Japan is officially called the "Nihon Koku", - it is an island state in East Asia. The country is located in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Sea of Japan, North and South Korea, China, Russia, north of the territory of the Sea of Okhotsk and to the south from East China Sea and Taiwan.

Japan is located in the Japanese archipelago, which consists of 6852 islands. The four largest islands are Honshu, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Shikoku - they take up to 97% of the total area of the archipelago. The area is mostly mountainous islands, many of which have volcanoes. Japan's population is 126.4 million people that means it ranks 10th in the world. Only in Tokyo and several other neighboring prefectures live around 30 million people. The country area is 377,944 square kilometers.