airBalticcard Mobile roaming in New Zealand

airBalticcard Mobile roaming in New Zealand
Incoming call
0.00 €/Min
Connection fee or other fees
0.00 €/Min
Calls worldwide starting from
0.35 €/Min
airBalticcard to airBalticcard from New Zealand
0.19 €/Min
SMS worldwide
0.06 €/SMS
Highspeed Mobile Internet per 1MB starting from
0.0475 €/MB

mobile roaming in New Zealand

Are you aware that you have to pay big money for roaming while using the services of your mobile operator abroad? For mobile roaming in New Zealand we recommend buying international SIM card AirBalticCard Mobile, which allow you to make and receive calls at 90% better rates comparing to your domestic mobile operator.
Roaming in New Zealand

Roaming is an important part of live of every traveler, because calls and data transfer abroad is sometimes more important than local calls. Roaming allows you to use mobile communication services regardless of your mobile operator’s network coverage area. The network coverage area of your mobile operator expands when you enter another country, your mobile phone automatically connects to a network of the mobile operator, with which your domestic mobile operator has roaming agreements.

Network type – 2G(GSM)/3G


2G format is also known as GSM, and is a standard type of network for most types of phones (with the exception of CMDA, which is used in USA). Majority of phone models support four frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900 MHz.

2G operators in New Zealand
• Vodafone
• XT Mobile Network
• 360
• 2degrees


There are several networks in New Zealand that operate in 3G networks. 3G networks are usually marked as UMTS/HSDPA or WCDMA.

3G operators in New Zealand
• Vodafone
• XT Mobile Network
• 360
• 2degrees


New Zealand
Capital: Wellington
Area: 268 680 sq. Km
Population: 4 443 900 ppl.
Languages: English, Maori
Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Time zone: UTC+12
Phone code: +64

New Zealand is a state located in the South-Western part of the Pacific Ocean and occupies two large islands and approximately 700 small islands nearby. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The total number of population of New Zealand is 4 377 000 and the total area of the country is 268 680. By form of government New Zealand is constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. A special feature of New Zealand is its geographical isolation. Nearest neighboring countries are Australia (North), which is separated by Tasman Sea, New Caledonia (North), Tonga and Fiji. The Kingdom of New Zealand includes independent but associated with New Zealand island of Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau and the non-self-governing territory Antarctic Territory Ross.

New Zealand is a unitary state. The system of government is the Westminster model of parliamentary system. The head of state is the monarch of New Zealand.