airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Sweden

airBalticcard Mobile roaming in Sweden
Incoming call
0.00 €/Min
Connection fee or other fees
0.00 €/Min
Calls worldwide starting from
0.15 €/Min
airBalticcard to airBalticcard from Sweden
0.19 €/Min
SMS worldwide
0.06 €/SMS
Highspeed Mobile Internet per 1MB starting from
0.0019 €/MB

mobile roaming in Sweden

Do you know that every time when you are abroad and use the services of your mobile operator, you have to deal with high roaming rates? For mobile roaming in Sweden we recommend using international SIM card airBalticCard Mobile, which allows using your mobile phone abroad almost at the same rates as if you were at home.
Roaming in Sweden

When you travel to foreign countries your mobile phone continues to operate. That means that you use roaming. Roaming not only gives you an opportunity to receive and make calls, but also to use SMS, MMS and mobile Internet services. The cost of roaming usually depends on the rates, which are offered by your mobile operator. The network coverage area of your mobile operator ends outside the borders of your country, so when you enter another country your mobile phone automatically connects to foreign mobile operator. A bill for services firstly will be presented by foreign mobile operator to your mobile operator and only after that your mobile operator will bill you according to their tariffs.

Network type – 2G (GSM)/ 3G


2G format is also known as GSM, and acts as a standard type of network for all types of mobile phones (CDMA however is an exception, and is widely used in the United States). Most phone models support four following frequencies: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.

2G operators in Sweden
• Three
• Tele2
• Telenor
• Telia


There are several networks in Sweden that operates in 3G frequencies. Those frequencies can be usually recognized as UMTS/HSDPA or WCDMA.

3G operators in Sweden
• Three
• Tele2
• Telenor
• Telia


Capital: Stockholm
Area: 449 964
Population: 9 481 000 ppl.
Language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK)
Time zone: UTC+1/+2
Phone code: +46

Kingdom of Sweden is a state that is located in the northern part of Europe and on Scandinavian Peninsula. The name of the country comes from old Scandinavian Svea and Rige – “The country of Svea”. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Sweden is a member of UN and EU, the country is also a member of the Schengen Agreement.

Total area of Sweden is 449 964 square kilometers, which makes it the fifth largest in Europe. Form the western part Sweden shares borders with the following countries: Norway, Finland, from the eastern and southern parts Sweden is washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

The total length of the borders is 2.333 km. The southern part of the country has the Kattegat, the Skagerrak, and the Øresund straits separating Sweden from Denmark. Two large islands in the Baltic Sea - Gotland and Öland are a part of the Kingdom of Sweden. The head of Sweden is the King. By form of government Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, therefore King has limited power.