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Personal assistant

Personal Assistant service requires no activation and is available
in all countries by calling the numbers listed below:

+372991 (English + 95 languages) 

Personal Assistant service provided by airBalticcard Mobile is available
to our subscribers 24/7 365 days per year at a rate equal to one minute
of outgoing call depending on a country of your location.

For example, a call from Belgium or Uzbekistan to a Personal Assistant service
number +372991 (for English) costs only 0.19€/min.

This particular service is of great importance during moments when Internet
is not available, you do not speak a foreign language or you simply relax during
your vacations and wish someone like a Personal Assistant would take care of you.

airBalticcard Mobile Personal Assistant with ease will help to solve such questions as:
legal help, contact with state’s governing bodies, medical services, calling ambulance,
booking a hotel or transportation tickets, rent of apartment, car, plane, requesting transfer, force major situations, sightseeing and so on.

Examples of probable request for a Personal Assistant

  • „I need a translation from Chinese to English”
  • „I lost my wallet/purse and documents”
  • „I would like to arrange a romantic dinner for my loved one in Rome”
  • „How to attend a concert if the ticket are sold out”
  • „I need a transfer from an airport”
  • „Where can I find good quality inexpensive shoes in Milan?”
  • „I’m not feeling well, I need a doctor”
  • „Do I have to make vaccination before travelling to Namibia”

Personal Assistant will provide full information about companies and organizations,
which you require (address, phone number, working hours, rates and other information)
in any part of the planet, will book and help paying for the service).

Personal Assistant is your support in anywhere in the world in such situation as:

  • Any information, service, reservation for your trip
  • Organization of leisure, holidays and etc.
  • Arrangement of business conversations, any business information
  • Medical services, search and arrangement of a visit to a doctor
  • Legal services, search and arrangement of lawyer services
  • First aid in force majeure situations
  • Insurance consultations
  • Translation to 96 languages in a conference mode
  • Information about vaccination visiting various countries
  • Information about Visas, embassies and consulates
  • Complete political and cultural information about countries and regions
  • Personal security advises while visiting various countries
  • Personal Assistant will send a fax and notify someone upon your request
  • Personal Assistant is you support in situations where your rights are being diminished.
  • In this case Personal Assistant will contact the opposing side, will request explanation
  • and will try to find an alternative solution.
  • And many, many other things...

*Medical recommendations over the phone are not to be considered as professional doctor’s diagnosis