International SIM card

Always stay in touch and not only when traveling – save up to 90% more on roaming expenses using
airBalticcard Mobile International SIM card:


  • 90% economy on International roaming
  • Low cost mobile Internet, calls and SMS worldwide
  • Free incoming calls in more than 150 countries
  • Outgoing calls from 150 countries already starting from 0,01 €/min
  • Roaming in more than 225 countries
  • Big number of free services


Many travellers planning a trip abroad, first of all, are concerned with communication issues. High roaming service bills force all of us to think carefully about this side trips. And this applies not only to phone calls but also to Internet traffic. International SIM from airBalticcard Mobile allows you to forget about roaming, which allows using communications abroad - as at home!


For example if you plan a trip to France, Unites States, Spain, China or Italy for a week and you do not want to save on conversations with family, friends or business partners. You are travelling not alone: with a family or other pleasant travelling companions. And also, right now you are having a booming WhatsApp - fling with colleague. And here, once again, you would need the cheapest international roaming SIM. A distinctive feature of prepaid roaming SIM card is considerably lower rates for services comparing to the mobile operator in the country of your residence.


By its services International SIM card is not different from conventional SIM cards, so that its use will not cause any difficulties. It is very easy to use during business trips abroad and tourist trips. You can start using it immediately on arrival, and you will not have to search for the mobile phone shops. Roaming abroad is available in more than two hundred countries and due to such proposal mobile roaming is much cheaper.


airBalticcard Mobile – pay as you go phone SIM card is compatible with standard GSM mobile phones, including smart phones, Samsung, tablet PC and others.) Best travel SIM for data for Internet access already starting from EUR 15,00 for 1 GB, free incoming calls in 150 countries. Special, super low rate in 150 countries of the world starting from 0,01 €/min on calls and 0,06 EUR/SMS. Prepaid international roaming SIM card has no additional fees, besides payments for communications, SMS and Internet access. Prepaid phone for international travel will save up to 90% on international roaming during travels. International SIM card includes European and US number with ability to add additional numbers of other countries.


Stay in touch when you travel with a guarantee that you will be able to check your email and browse Internet, when you need it. International SIM from airBalticcard Mobile is supplied as triple SIM (3 in 1 – standard, micro and nano).

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