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Mobile roaming is always a considerable expense when travelling abroad. You can see for yourself the cost-effectiveness of using airBalticcard Mobile’s free-of-charge mobile roaming by comparing your usual mobile communications spending while abroad. Select your home country, the country to which you’re travelling and a country you’re likely to place outward bound calls to.    

Mark the number of inbound-call minutes you expect to receive while travelling and do the same for outgoing calls. The results will be approximate and should not be used as a basis for future claims. airBalticcard Mobile is not responsible for the accuracy of these results, or tariff changes associated with other carriers and operators.

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Low cost Internet worldwide and free of charge incoming calls

The airBalticcard Mobile International SIM, provides free of charge and low-cost roaming phone calls for travellers abroad, it has been available to passengers on board of airBaltic flights since 2006.

The airBalticcard Mobile SIM card allows significant savings when using a mobile abroad, thereby freeing your money for useful purchases while you travel instead of facing huge international telecommunications bills when you return. Use the traveller’s SIM card every time you travel abroad to browse low cost Internet, make international roaming calls at low cost and receive incoming calls in 150 countries absolutely free of charge even with a 0.00 balance!